Alice Frendo promotes early identification and provides the support that dyslexic students need to fulfill their true potential. Her commitment to working with dyslexic children stems from her own experience of growing up with dyslexia, struggling to feel supported by mainstream education, and finding creative ways to flourish.

For children whose only specific learning difficulty is dyslexia, the goal is to increase the rate of progress so the child at least reaches grade level for literacy skills. Ideally they should be slightly above grade level before support is reduced. Once this point in reached, the child needs continued support to maintain their progress, but this will be much less frequent and may not need to be specialist support.  

Alice also works with children who have a dditional needs such as autism, ADHD, and general cognitive delay with sessions focusing on literacy development.

Services provided include:

  • Full dyslexia assessment 

  • Full dyslexia assessment including examination guidance for 15+ yrs

  • Phonological awareness assessment (generally for ages 8+)

  • 6 week support program (14 hours)

  • 6 week support program with tutor support (28 hours)