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The vast majority of people can benefit from therapy – no matter how severe or seemingly trivial the issues in their life may be. Going to therapy functions as a commitment to yourself: You are devoting an hour of your time to sitting and working through whatever is on your mind. 

Moreover, the therapist-client dynamic enables you to express your feelings, thoughts, and fears to a neutral party who doesn’t have a stake in the outcome. Being in a secure environment where there is no risk of moral judgment enables clients to explore their issues with greater focus and clarity.

Rather than the instructive advice you are likely to receive from friends and family (“This is what you should do.”), a good therapist enhances your ability deal with problems. This is done by developing awareness of troublesome ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, as well as developing coping strategies.

A person undergoing therapy is a person seizing control of their life. Productive therapy offers clients the ability to fully understand the choices they make, identify the changes they want to see in their lives, and figure out how to enact those changes. 

You can benefit from therapy if...

  • you are not as happy as you wish

  • you need clarity regarding your decisions or behavior

  • you have suffered a loss 

  • your anxiety or stress is affecting your work, relationships or self-confidence

  • interpersonal conflicts are causing marital or relationship dissatisfaction 

  • if you find yourself dealing with old behavioral patterns or issues that are unhealthy 

  • if you feel the need for more control over your life

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