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BASC (Behavioral Assessment System for Children) 

A multidimensional approach for conducting a comprehensive assessment is used. The BASC differentiates between hyperactivity and attention problems as well as providing extensive information in the following areas: 

  • Anger Control: The tendency to become irritated and/or angry quickly and impulsively, coupled with an inability to regulate affect and self-control.

  • Bullying: The tendency to be intrusive, cruel, threatening, or forceful to get what is wanted.

  • Developmental Social Disorders: deficits in social skills, communication, interests, and activities.

  • Emotional Self-Control: the ability to regulate one's affect and emotions in response to environmental changes.

  • Executive Functioning: The ability to control behavior by planning, anticipating, inhibiting, maintaining goal-directed activity, and reacting appropriately to environmental feedback in a purposeful, meaningful way.

  • Negative Emotionality: The tendency to view everyday interactions or events in an overly negative or aversive way and to react negatively to any changes in plans or routines.

  • Resiliency: The ability to access support systems, both internal and external, to alleviate stress and overcome adversity or difficult circumstances.

BASC is an effective behavior assessment that can help children be their best in school and home environments. You are presented with target behaviors for intervention and receive an extensive view of adaptive and maladaptive behavior as well as primary and secondary intervention information.

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