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Your child won't eat, sleep, or listen to you? 
Won't do homework?

School problems? 

Would you like for a specialist to come to you,

observe your child in real settings, fix the

unwanted behavior and leave…

leaving you with parenting skills you’ll

need the rest of your life?

On-site Behavior Management

for behavioral problems such as eating and sleep disorders, non-compliance, hitting, temper-tantrums, arguing, swearing, yelling. During the initial interview, parent concerns and needs are determined and detailed information regarding the program is given. Subsequently, children are observed with their parents and other care-givers to see how day-to-day situations are being handled. An assessment of what is and is not working is made, required modifications are determined and a program to change undesirable behavior patterns is formulated. This program is communicated to everyone involved in the child’s care. Methods for changing the unwanted behavior are demonstrated and assistance is provided with implementation of the program. After the parents and care-givers have had time to carry out the program on their own, one or more follow-up visits take place for problems that may have been encountered.

Typical Problems
Not listening, not doing homework
Temper tantrums, disobeying
Hitting, kicking, whining
Lying, swearing 
Getting up at night, eating problems
Not following rules, talking back
Sibling quarrelling
Resistance to toilet training

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